Top of the Morning: Syrian Government, Rebels Coordinate in Civilian Evacuation

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Syrian Government, Rebels Coordinate in Civilian Evacuation 

This shows that the rebels and government can coordinate for humanitarian purposes. “A rare moment of coordination between the Syrian government and rebels enabled 1,800 civilians to flee a besieged town on the edge of Damascus on Tuesday, but thousands remain trapped with little food, water or medicine. A source in the Ministry for Social Affairs said the evacuation from Mouadamiya had gone ahead with the help of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent and some civil groups….The opposition says 12,000 people face starvation and death in the town, which they describe as 90 percent destroyed.” (Reuters

UNICEF Running Dangerously Low on Supplies for Central African Republic

UNICEF is warning that growing needs will exceed available emergency supplies in the coming weeks. “‘Wherever our mobile teams go, they are seeing more people displaced by violence,’” said Bob McCarthy, UNICEF Emergency Coordinator in Central African Republic. “‘Often, families leave everything behind when they flee and many remain in the bush without assistance. Their needs are more than what was planned for months ago, and we now risk running out of emergency supplies. Due to the deteriorating situation, what life-saving supplies remain may only last a few more weeks at best.’” (UNICEF