Top of the Morning: Thousands of Nigerians Flee to Niger

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Hezbollah Joins Syrian Government in Major Offensive

The Lebanese militia, long backed by Assad, has made major gains in a battle over the strategic city of Quasyr. This could tip the balance of the counter-revolution. “The battle for the city, in heavily contested Homs Province, has deepened the involvement of Hezbollah in the Syrian conflict, raising sectarian tensions and fears of a regional conflagration. The fight is viewed by both loyalists and government opponents as a turning point that could, in the words of one activist in Qusayr, ‘decide the fate of the regime and the revolution.’” (NYTimes

Thousands of Nigerians Flee to Niger

The Nigerian military offensive against Boko Haram insurgents has created thousands of new refugees. “Over 2000 Nigerians have fled the Nigerian State of Borno following the clash between Boko Haram and Nigerian troops in Abadam local government area of Borno North Senatorial District. A journalist travelling in the Nigerian-Niger Republic border confirmed to SaharaReporters that between Saturday evening and Sunday over 2000 locals from villages in and around Abadam local government area have been fled their homes and crossed over into Niger Republic.” (Sahara Reporters