Top of the Morning: UN Launches Largest-Ever Humanitarian Appeal on Syria

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BREAKING: The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs is asking for $4.4 billion to provide assistance to about half of the population of Syria. This is the largest-ever single humanitarian appeal ever launched by the United Nations, testifying to the scale and complexity of this crisis.

Inside the Global Industry that’s Slaughtering Africa’s Elephants

A tremendous piece of journalism. An excerpt doesn’t do it justice. “‘The government of Kenya reports that 90 percent of ivory smugglers caught there are Chinese citizens. One fellow was picked up recently with 439 pieces of ivory on him, and in a Nairobi courtroom fined less than a dollar for each…It is getting out by every route, at airports, in large containers at sea ports on either coast of Africa, in small fishing vessels, or simply by mail, and most of the ivory is bound for China…Africa’s finite supply is meeting Asia’s furious demand at a rate of nearly a hundred kills every 24 hours. The death count, that one night in Chad, is the continent’s daily average.” (Atlantic