Top of the Morning: UN Mourns Ambushed Darfur Peacekeepers

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South Darfur: Seven Peacekeepers Killed in Ambush 

This was the single deadliest incident for UN peacekeepers ever in Darfur. Seven Tanzanian blue helmets were killed and nearly 40 wounded. There’s been no claim of responsibility for the attack. “Violence has surged since January as government forces, rebels and Arab tribes, armed by Khartoum early in the conflict, fight over resources and land. Peacekeepers have been attacked several times as they tried to find out what was happening on the ground. Diplomats say the more than 16,000 peacekeepers are struggling with equipment problems, poor training of some contingents and the reluctance of some governments such as Egypt to send their soldiers into dangerous areas.” (Reuters

60,000 Congolese flee to Uganda After Rebel Attack

A Ugandan-led rebel group active in Eastern Congo, the Allied Democratic Forces, are responsible. “More than 60,000 Congolese have fled to Uganda after a rebel attack on a town near the border in a continuing influx that is stretching humanitarian capacities, an aid group said Sunday…The refugee influx continues three days after a Ugandan-led rebel group attacked Kamango town and killed some people on Thursday, according to Ugandan military officials who are concerned the rebels are about to launch a major assault on Ugandan territory.” (AP

WHO: Malaria Vaccine Could Be Ready by 2015

It’s not a sure thing, but it’s looking good. “The WHO said at the weekend that malaria vaccine trials are on-going on 11 sites across seven countries in Africa indicated remarkable progress, with signals that the world might have its first successful malaria vaccine by the year 2015…World Health Organisation’s Director in charge of Global Malaria Programme, Dr. Robert Newman broke this cheering news to The Guardian on the sidelines of the ongoing African Union Abuja + 12 Special Summit on HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.” (Guardian-Nigeria