Top of the Morning: USA ‘Reviewing’ Relationship with Uganda

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World Reacts As Ugandan President Signs Anti-Gay Bill into Law

 The bill was signed into law yesterday. People may be punished for committing “homosexual acts” for up to 14 years. Groups that “aid or abet” homosexuals may also be liable for prosecution, which could  seriously undermine anti-HIV efforts in the country. The US, which is Uganda’s largest donor, has said it would review its relationship. Other donors have said similar things. Here’s a good rundown of the global reaction to this awful law. (NPR

Word of Another Massacre in CAR

Christian militiamen killed at least 70 people in the remote southwest of Central African Republic, at one point ordering a group of Muslims to lie on the ground and shooting them one by one, witnesses said Monday. The militiamen, known as the anti-Balaka, slaughtered the Muslims in the village of Guen earlier this month, a Catholic priest, the Rev. Rigobert Dolongo, who helped bury the bodies, told The Associated Press. At least 27 people were slain in the first day of the attack, while 43 others were killed on the second day, he said. (AP