Top of the Morning: USAID Launches Global Development Lab

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USAID Launches New Global Development “Lab”….USAID and 32 partners from the non profit and corporate sector launched a $1 billion project to foster technical innovation to end extreme poverty by 2030. Hillary Clinton attended the launch event in New York, since it stems in part from reforms enacted while she was Secretary of State. What will this do? USAID’s Lona Stall “The lab has ambitions of disruptive technologies and game-changing solutions really helping improve the lives of 200 million people in five years: things like eliminating the transmission of HIV/Aids from mother to child using the Pratt Pouch – a two-cent package [of antiretroviral drugs] that looks like a ketchup packet – or looking at how you get electricity access out to rural communities without building the kinds of grids that previously were a big part of development programmes.” Deeper dive, plus some dissenting voices: Guardian

By the numbers: UN Refugee Agency announced that it’s now registered 1 million Syrian refugees in Lebanon. To put this in some context, In April 2012 — one month after the start of the uprising and brutal suppression —  there were 18,000 Syrian refugees in Lebanon. One year later, there were 356,000. Now, the number has exceeded one million. UNHCR says that it registers 2,500 new refugees everyday. That is more than one person a minute. (UNHCR

Bad Idea of the Day →  Fake Cuban Twitter Subterfuge. (AP