Top of the Morning: Violence Flares in Egypt

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Bad Signs For Egypt

Post-coup Egypt is becoming increasingly violent. “Stones and gunfire killed at least six people Tuesday as clashes between opponents and supporters of deposed President Mohamed Morsi intensified near Cairo University, which has become a battleground in the country’s political unrest. Violence between the two camps, sometimes with the army and police in the middle, has escalated in recent days as each side has provoked the other in street fighting. More than 90 people, including three who were killed Monday, have died nationwide since Morsi was toppled by a coup on July 3.” (LAT

 Support for Arming Syrian Rebels Gains Traction in US Congress

 This comes one day after the top American military officer publicly cast doubt on the prospects of a successful direct military intervention. “Obama’s administration promised an expansion of military aid to Syria’s rebel forces in June after accusing the regime of using chemical weapons, but such aid has yet to be disbursed. Lawmakers have been split on the proposal, but on Monday House Intelligence Committee chairman Mike Rogers said a ‘consensus’ had been reached among the panel’s members to accept Obama’s plan despite ‘very strong concerns about the strength of the administration’s plans in Syria and its chances for success.’ On Tuesday House Speaker John Boehner also weighed in in favor of the committee’s approach, saying ‘their effort to help the right set of rebels in Syria is in our nation’s best interest’.” (AFP