Trick-or-Treat For UNICEF

Over on Huffington Post Harold Pollack gets into the Halloween spirit.

We must be equally jazzed about bringing the world’s children basic sanitation, nutrition, and who knows: maybe a few reading lessons. Seven dollars protects a kid against malaria–not to mention the itchy bites. Fifteen dollars buys a carton of high energy protein biscuits–not the crud people hawk on cable TV–the kind that supports three severely malnourished kids for a whole month. Twenty dollars vaccinates nine kids against polio. To quote PBS, Forty-five hundred thousand dollars…. well, you get the picture.

Last time around, many economists donated through this post, because they realized that UNICEF and related charities are among the most cost-effective strategies to improve the world.

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If that’s too tacky for you, the UN foundation’s website is cool, too:

PS: Your kids might like this fun time-wasting flash link.

And for the uninitiated, this is the kind of life-saving work that UNICEF does.