UN Dispatch in ‘Washington Whispers’

UN Dispatch a été mentionné dans Washington Whispers: “The [UN] foundation,” says spokeswoman Debra DeShong, “is getting the truth out.” And it’s doing that on the critics’ turf: Internet blogs. “This is the newest and most influential media, and the right wing really does it well,” she says. “It’s like beating back a wave with a hammer.” But hammering away they are, with the blog www.undispatch.com, Internet ads, and now a campaign to get U.N. backers on radio and TV to debate the critics. “We’re acting like a real campaign to talk up the United Nations,” says DeShong. The bashers aren’t backing off. “A pro-U.N. blog?” asks Jed Babbin, pundit and author of the anti-U.N. Inside the Asylum. “I’m surprised it isn’t in French.”