UN gains humanitarian access into Libya, SG speaks out in Hungary, ASG for Safety and Security appointed and more from UN Direct

Libya: In Hungary, the SG told reporters that Abdul Ilah Khatib, Special Envoy for Libya, and Valerie Amos, USG for Humanitarian Affairs and ERC, were in Tripoli yesterday and were able to reach an agreement on the UN and international NGO humanitarian presence there. In regards to that agreement, the Libyan government agreed to facilitate this presence in Tripoli, including the provision of equipment for international staff and steps to allow for their entry. The government said that it would ensure unimpeded access through the Tunisian border into Libya, up to Tripoli. It would also ensure safe passage for humanitarian workers to areas where it’s in control. The UN is currently seeking access to assess the needs in Mistrata. Amos and Khatib met with senior government officials, including PM Mahmoud Al-Baghdadi and FM Abdel Ati Al-Obeidi, while they were in Libya.  The SG reiterated three objectives and challenges in Libya: 1) an immediate and effective ceasefire; 2) expansion of humanitarian assistance to those in need; 3) engagement in political dialogue to reach a resolution.

SG: Today, the SG held separate meetings in Budapest with Hungarian President Pal Schmitt, PM Viktor Orban and FM Janos Martonyi on Mideast and North Africa developments, particularly Libya. In addition, they talked about Hungary’s presidency of the Council of the EU as well as UN-EU cooperation.

Darfur: UNAMID is helping out with a Sudanese-led disarmament drive in West Darfur. The UN Mission stated that it expects more than 1,000 former fighters in the Darfur conflict, including one-time government troops and combatants from various Darfuri movements, to give up their weapons and reintegrate into civilian life through this initiative.

UNHCR: The U.S. recently announced a $126.8 million contribution, which will go towards UNHCR’s 2011 operations. With this contribution, the U.S. will have provided more than $285 million toward UNHCR’s 2011 operations so far this year.

Iraq: In regards to the April 7-8 Camp Ashraf events, UNAMI has been in close contact with Iraqi authorities after having confirmed 34 deaths and dozens injured. UNAMI remains deeply concerned, has repeatedly urged the government of Iraq to refrain from the use of force, and stands ready to provide its findings from its recent mission to investigate what happened.

Senior UN Staff Appointments: The SG appointed Mr. Mbaranga Gasarabwe of Rwanda as the first ASG for Safety and Security. Through this new role, ASG Gasarabwe will be responsible for day-to-day overall management of the Department and for strengthening internal management, as well as representing the Department in the absence of the USG.

Peacekeeping: Today, DPKO and DFS released statistics on allegations of sexual exploitation, abuse, and other forms of misconduct in the field missions for the first quarter of 2011.

Security Council: This afternoon, B. Lynn Pascoe, USG for Political Affairs will brief the Council.