UNICEF and the Great Ethiopian Run

My trip to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia two weeks ago coincided with Africa’s biggest single sporting event, the Great Ethiopian Run. I visited UNICEF’s office a couple of days before the race and there was a flurry of activity surrounding UNICEF’s participation, which included organizing a special race for disabled children using the “mobility cycles” featured in this video.

A couple of things to look for when you watch this video. 1) The young gentleman with the dreads who is painting the sign is a local artist I met named Robel. He is a member of Speak Africa, a UNICEF sponsored group that encourages young Africans to push for social change through art and media. Robel is a cartoonist who’s work can be seen here. 2) The smiling person in an Ethiopian flag track suit who is greeting the mobility cyclists is Haille Grebreselassie, the current world-record marathon runner. You can see my own adventures with Gebreselllsie here.