What Former British Colonies Are Saying about the UK Riots

With riots spreading throughout Great Britain today, countries like the United States are urging its citizens to take caution. Other former British colonies are not so laisse-faire. Kenya, for one, is contemplating the evacuation of Kenyans from the UK.

From the Nairobi Star:

The government will later on today give a statement on whether it will evacuate Kenyans living in Britain and willing to come back home due dangers posed by ongoing violent riots.

Government spokesman Alfred Mutua says they are studying the situation and will state if they will give a security advisory against travelling to the UK following 4 days of riots in several English cities, with the worst experienced yesterday in London.

Meanwhile, Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe is  making the most of this opportunity. From Zimbabwe state media:

Addressing thousands of people gathered at the National Sports Stadium yesterday to celebrate the 31st anniversary of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, the Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, said Zimbabwe and the African continent wanted peace to prevail, not external interference.

“Let them attend to their problems now that they are experiencing problems, which have dogged other countries before and they have in those circumstances accused those countries of lacking freedom.

“Let them tell us what is happening whether there is lack of freedom or it’s something else. Britain now is on fire, London especially and we hope that they will extinguish their fire. They should pay attention to their internal problems and to that fire, which is blazing all over and leave us alone because we do not have any fire here…

“There is a lot to do in Europe and please leave us alone,” he said to thunderous applause from the crowd.

It would seem that some former colonies are kinda sorta basking in some Schadenfreude, no?