Why are Journalists Fleeing Rwanda?

bad newsThe journalist Anjan Sundaram is the author of the new book Bad News: Last Journalists in a Dictatorship, which details how the creeping authoritarianism of the Rwandan government has silenced the free press, even as that government is treated as a darling of the international community for its impressive economic gains following the genocide.

In 2009, Anjan took a job teaching journalism in Rwanda. He soon saw that something was amiss. His students were harassed, beaten and one colleague murdered. Other journalists were simply co-opted into the state propaganda machine. After speaking with Anjan for this interview, it’s hard not to conclude that suppression of dissent in Rwanda is putting that country on a very dangerous path.

This is a fascinating conversation and I suspect that this book will get a great deal of attention in foreign policy and human rights circles.

We kick off discussing the history of President Paul Kagame, and his recent controversial decision to amend the constitution to permit him to stay in office, theoretically until 2034.

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