Driven by increased vulnerability to domestic violence during COVID-19 lockdowns, Carolina Aguilar Navarrete joined other women in a new form of resistance. CREDIT: Gabriela Esquivel for Stanley Center

Why Femicide is on the Rise in Mexico

Unique among countries in the world, Mexico considers Femicide as a crime distinct from homicide. Simply put, Femicide — which is sometimes referred to as “feminicide”–  is the crime of murdering a woman or girl on account of her gender.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in March 2020, the documented numbers of Femicide in parts of Mexico have skyrocketed. This includes a part of the State of Mexico, near Mexico City, known as The Periphery.

It is here that my guest today, Caroline Tracey, has reported on the increased frequency of Femicide and actions that local groups are taking to fight back against this trend.

Caroline Tracey is a writer and doctoral candidate in geography at the University of California-Berkeley.  Her article was published as part of the Stanley Center’s “Red Flags or Resilience Series?” that uses journalism to explore the connections between the coronavirus pandemic and the factors for risk and resilience to mass violence and atrocities around the world.

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