Top of the Morning: Deadly Blast in Pakistan Refugee Camp; World Bank; Chemical Weapons in Syria

Deadly Blast at Pakistan Refugee Camp

A car bomb in Pakistan’s Jalozai refugee camp detonated, killing 15 people who were reportedly in line for food aid. NPR reported that one aid worker was killed. “Attacks on refugee camps in Pakistan are extremely rare, although there have been concerns over the years that militants would try to infiltrate Jalozai and other camps. The BBC’s M Ilyas Khan in Islamabad points out that last week, people linked to one of those groups, Lashkar-e-Islam, were taken into custody by a government-backed tribal force. Police suspect Thursday’s bombing may be a response to that.” (BBC

Pushback Against World Bank’s Poverty Alleviation Vision

Some experts are unhappy with the leaked World Bank strategy document, calling it ‘unambitious’ and ‘business-as-usual.’ “Critics say the ‘shared prosperity’ target merely expands the bank’s focus on the world’s poorest people rather than shifting it to also tackle inequalities and growing gaps between rich and poor. Nuria Molina, policy director at Save the Children UK, said the targets were ‘very unambitious.’ ‘The narrative is right, the terminology is right, but the devil is always in the details,’ she said.” (Guardian

UN to Investigate Chemical Weapons in Syria

The UN responded to allegations of chemical weapon use in Syria by launching an official investigation. “‘I have decided to conduct a United Nations investigation into the possible use of chemical weapons in Syria,’ said Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. The investigation will focus on ‘the specific incident brought to my attention by the Syrian government,’ he told reporters.” (Reuters